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ColourLite are specialist producers of lighting filters, our range of filters includes a comprehensive selection of colour effects, conversion, correction, frost/diffusion, reflectors and UV filters, with a total of 325 filters in rolls, sheets, gel packs and colour-on-a-roll for colouring fluorescent tubes to choose from.

We offer probably the largest range of lighting filters within today’s global market, all our filters are surface coated for excellent clarity and consistency from batch to batch, so whether you are looking for a regular lighting filter or high temperature lighting filter in rolls, sheets or gel packs we have a wide choice of colours to chose from. We even have a range of specifically designed uv fade resistant filters for colouring fluorescent tubes, allowing confidence in colouring tubes over an extended period of time.

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Ultra Colour Filters High Temperature Ultra Colour Filters Gel Packs C-Tube

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