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Our original range of lighting filters tried and tested within the lighting industry over the past 15 years. We manufacture on a high-grade polymeric base material using a wide range of accurate and consistent colourants for optimum performance and life.

Sophisticated quality control systems ensure consistency of colour batch to batch and all our lighting filters are manufactured to BS3944.

This range of lighting filters is available in 1.22m x 7.62m rolls and 61cm x 53cm sheets.

Take a look at how colours are made here at ColourLite How We Make Colours
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ColourFilter No.Colour NameDescription
002Rose PinkStrong pink wash cycloramas
003Lavender TintSubtle cool wash for stage and studio Lighting
004Medium Bastard AmberNaturally enhances skin tones
007Pale YellowSunlight
008Dark SalmonEnhances dark skin tones, sunsets, ballroom sets
009Pale Amber GoldLate sunlight

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