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ColourLite: About The Company

ColourLite Company was established in 1993 specifically as specialists of lighting filters to supply the film, tv, broadcast, theatrical and entertainments lighting industry companies around the world. Currently ColourLite continually year in year out expands sales covering more countries by offering excellent value, high quality products, oem label branding in our customers name and understanding the individual and local requirements of each of our customers.

ColourLite Company’s high quality coated lighting filters, which are distributed into film, tv, broadcast, theatrical and entertainments lighting Industries offering a comprehensive range of filters from regular filters, high temperature filters and a specifically designed filter for colouring fluorescent tubes.

Lighting Filter Production R&D Department Conversion into rolls and sheets

The manufacturing techniques of ColourLite lighting filters uses state of the art coating equipment for unrivalled colour clarity, consistency and reliability.

ColourLite’s lighting filters are produced an environmentally friendly way , emissions produced by production process are linked to an efficient environmental control unit which oxidises these emissions into clean-air.

Quality control is imperative to overall production. Each new batch is put through a series of tests after a few metres are produced before the coating run can continue. Lighting filters are checked for colour density and consistency of colour against a control sample using a spectrophotometer, using the most up to date equipment available.

Conversion into rolls, sheets and gel packs uses a variety of equipment.

ColourLite's export markets continue to grow; currently selling to around 45 countries around the world, handled by our export department.

ColourLite has found it’s market mainly with the ‘oem’ branding sector, major distributors around the world are purchasing and have been purchasing from ColourLite since we started with complete satisfaction. We believe we offer one of the most complete ranges of lighting filters on offer in today’s markets: from standard rolls and sheets to cut to size sheets, gel packs ready cut to suit various gel frames from par36 up to par64 available from stock with 24 different combinations not including the made to customer specification packs, filters ready cut with double sided adhesive tape applied making it easy to wrap around a fluorescent tubes for economical and colourful display features.

Contact us today and experience the difference ColourLite offers.

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